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Pathways to Strategic Business Success
Discovery into spiced-up business practices

by Greg Coloian, Growth Consultant
with Better with Mustard – a spiced-up, business development consultancy firm

Profit? Non-profit? It doesn’t matter.

My experience in both areas has exposed some telling factors necessary for effective and sustainable success for any type of organization.
Daily we hear about leaders being fired. Coaches, college presidents, and C-suite executives – all relieved of their duties by aggrieved individuals or groups for failing to acknowledge and incorporate wisdom wider than their own one-person insights and capabilities.
Often slighted, but no less important, are the less openly-visible, but no less essential stakeholders – namely employees and customers. Typically forgotten, they are the must-have factors for your best business success.
Their input and growing acceptance of new initiatives form the backbone of sustainable and cost-effective success. They are the ones who churn ideas and strategies into honed and valuable assets.
Customers, consultants, and enthusiasts can boost plans and enliven practices that expand company horizons and achieve organizational goals. Engaged employees provide practical and functional improvements and create sustained changes. While these resource contributors are neither new nor cutting edge, when collaboratively engaged, they champion advances that raise the level of current practices, prevent myopic or overlooked pitfalls and, most of all, help to avoid ever dreaded tired and tried to-do lists.
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